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In order for me to understand better your business and your expectations about social media marketing, I would like you to complete these questions and submit them to me 24 hours before our meeting/call so I have time to do some prior research and better advice you. 
These questions are designed to help create a social media strategy that will be aligned with your business goals. Unlike other marketing and advertising expenses, social media marketing is an investment that produces compounding results over time. As you create social media marketing assets, like blog optimisation, targeted followers, relevant and consistent content...this will help attract traffic to your site, capture leads and convert those leads into loyal customers.
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Do you have any mechanisms in place to stay in touch with your current customers? *

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If you don't have any social platforms set up yet, tell me when you intend to do so? If you plan on launching another product or service and/or an event, when is this going to be? *

How do you see your business in less than a year? And in 3 years time? *

What are your Goals / Objectives when it comes to your social media online activities? What do you aim to achieve... *

What marketing strategies are currently working in your business? Are they online and/or offline? *

What are your biggest marketing opportunities? *

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Are you ready to invest in social media marketing to grow your business?

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